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Just in case you were wondering, I made it safely.

Believe the hype, Guadalajara is nice.  The weather is so perfect it’s sickening.  I looked at the weather for the next month and the average temperature is 75F.  I feel like I’m in America, it’s just everyone is speaking Spanish.  So really, I could be in Texas or California.  There is a two-story Starbucks across the street and an Applebee’s right behind my hotel.  Though I don’t like Applebee’s, it’s the thought that counts.  People are nice here.  We went to Applebee’s and my friend forgot her sunglasses.  Do you know the people at Applebee’s called our hotel looking for us.

Que bueno, right?  

Aside from Applebee’s, I’ve had the best food of my life here.  Yes, I will continue to speak in hyperbole, because this food is really good.  I had the best Vanilla Chai Tea Latte of my life at Starbucks.  The spices were spicier and the milk was “milkier”. It was sooo awesome.  Then my friend and I ate at TOKS on a whim . . . I had the best vegetarian quesadillas ever.  Everything was fresh.  I especially appreciated how the vegetables were diced and not just big chunks.  I have also discovered BOING!  Which makes the best apple drink ever.  And even though it’s not 100% juice, they use real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup.  Also, the sugar isn’t listed first, which is comforting.

On campus there is crêperie . . . yes crêpes.  I had mine with Nutella and my friend had hers with cajeta (similar to caramel).  Right next to the crêpes was this guy making sushi.  And right next to the crêperie and the sushi stand was our campus Apple store!. . . Are we in Mexico for real?