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Taxi’s are excellent when you don’t know where you’re going but can be a black hole for your wallet.  The Taxi’s that service the patrons near ICB have a habit of shamelessly overcharging. We, students of the International Program, have an increased risk for being victims.  Because we are students of “Autónoma”, the school for all the rich kids, and are foreigners, the taxi drivers believe we have money to throw away.

Just like I mention in the 1st Semester Survival Guide, always ask your driver how much it will cost you to travel from point A to point B.  Sometimes at night, they will try to tell you there is a “tarifa” and that is why the price is so high.  That is pretty much a lie.  If the driver refuses to settle on a preset price, or you feel the price he/she quotes is too high insist on using the “taximetro”.  It is against the law for them to drive without their meter, and you should remind your driver of that.

If possible, try to find a trustworthy driver that you can rely on.  Especially if you are planning on making multiple stops, going a long distance, or picking up friends.  I have consistently had horrible experiences with Sitio 29 drivers, and would not recommend them unless it is an emergency.  Not to say that all Sitio 29 drivers are crooks, just that many of them are. Ninety percent of my awful experiences were while riding in a Sitio 29 Taxi.  If possible, try riding with Sitio 41, they are more fair.

If you can, I would suggest walking or riding a bike if you don’t have a car.  I appreciate all the honest and chivalrous drivers I’ve had, but do not regret getting a car.  Sometimes I have visions of driving slowly past Sitio 29 with the windows wound down so they can see me in my car and feel bad about themselves.  LoL, but that would be immature.