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I would like to preface the following post by stating Guadalajara is a safe city in general and I don’t feel there is any imminent threat against my life . . . Lol, just my belongings.  I wanted to write this post earlier, like 6 months ago, but didn’t want to scare any friends or family who were reading my blog.  However, I believe it’s my responsibility to caution future students of their potential risks in Guadalajara.  If you are a male, Hispanic, White, I dare say Asian, then this post hardly applies to you. LoL, but if you are a Black female, this is especially for you.

When you’re black in Mexico, everyone sees you and recognizes that you are foreign. This can be a good and bad thing.  Most Mexicans haven’t seen a person of color in “real life” and you may be their first living sample.  They are interested in you because you’re different.  People are always smiling at me, whistling, and trying to touch my hair.  It’s common for me to have random conversations with people with people who love my hair and skin.  Don’t be surprised if small children are afraid of you or if you witness near accidents caused by drivers trying to get just one more look.

On the flip side, you are more vulnerable because EVERYONE knows that you are not from Mexico. . .First semester two or three females were robbed or almost robbed by gun-point in a span of two or three weeks.  They were all black females who were either walking to or from campus.  LoL, who’s robbing folks at 8 o’clock in the morning?  Only one of the women was hurt.  All the robbers asked their victims for their cellphones. I only heard of one other student that was almost robbed, and wasn’t a black female.  I believe it was a upper-semester male of Middle-Eastern or Indian descent.  All foreigners, or those who can be identified as such, are vulnerable and at risk to be targeted. However it seems to me that when one is Black and female, her risk is greater than the average students’.

Crime against students doesn’t just happen off campus, but on campus as well. Students are also guilty of victimizing other students.  One of our classmate’s iPads was stolen during break. Others have also complained of having other items stolen from them as well.  The best thing to do is to be vigilant at all times, people are watching you even though you may not see them.  Protect your belongings and keep expensive items out of sight.  This is not even just on the streets, but even in restaurants, coffee shops (where my phone was stolen), and grocery stores.  Guadalajara is not unlike other large city around the world.  Like I said, crime is everywhere.