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Today was D-day (January 16, 2012).  One of my classmates said it well on Facebook when she posted, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life”.  Indeed, it is “do or die” time.  I’m glad the first week of class they start us off easy with just Biochemistry and Anatomy.  It gives us time to adjust to the course material.  Next week Cell Biology will be added, Anatomy Lab, then PMC (Program of Medicine in the Community).

I’ve heard so many stories about this professor or the other.  What to do, what not to do.   What to read, what not to read, when not to read it. I think the hardest part about Medical School will be trying to devise and execute an effective study regimen.  I have so many books, videos, and study programs at my disposal.

For the time being, this is my study plan:

  1. Take notes during class.
  2. Skim notes after class.
  3. Skim pertinent First Aid material.
  4. Read pertinent information in designated textbook.
  5. Synthesize notes that contain information gleaned from steps 2-4.
  6. Answer some review questions using Gunner Training.
I’m hoping this won’t take as long as the list indicates, but I’m sure it will.  I know the above method will be useful for Biochemistry and Cell Biology, but not so much for Anatomy.  For Anatomy class, I will read the book and use flashcards.
I just don’t want to fail to figure out what method works.

Que Sera Sera.